Thursday, October 1, 2009

Fall Fundraising Campaign Part 2

We need your help to continue our efforts in Gigante!

By now we all know that the economic downturn has caused the loss of jobs, forced families from their homes, and made all of us trim our budgets. However, if you think that we have been hit hard here in the U.S., just imagine what it has done to the already poor villages that Project WOO supports in Nicaragua. Small businesses are closing and jobs in every sector are disappearing at the same time that food and transportation costs are rising.

As such, our transportation and education projects are being directly affected. We are trying to do our part by raising the money we need to keep teachers employed, keep gasoline costs low for our small transportation business, and continue to provide school supplies that parents simply cannot afford.

Below you will find a comprehensive list of what your donation can support.

Transportation and Economic Development:

$50.00 – sponsors one month of education for one high school student, including travel stipend and school supplies

$550.00 – sponsors one year of education for one high school student, including travel stipend, school supplies, uniform and shoes

Elementary school support and teacher training:

$2,500.00builds a safe drinking water well at the elementary school in Gigante #1

pays the monthly salary of first grade teacher Mariel Arcia Guzman

0pays the monthly salary of fourth and fifth grade teacher Belkis Cubillo Perez

pays the monthly salary of sixth grade teacher Marisol Chavarria Amador

$100.00 – pays the monthly stipend of kindergarten teacher Belkis Mora

– pays for monthly school supplies for four teachers

– buys monthly school supplies for one student (kindergarten – third grade)

– buys monthly school supplies for one student (fourth – sixth grade)

WOO Afterschool Club:

– covers the total one-month cost of the Afterschool Club

Any amount of support is greatly appreciated!

Project WOO Director of Operations Norma Prendiz receives a laptop donated by Steve Leinau

Project WOO is a recognized 501(c)(3) non-profit, so all contributions are tax-deductible

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